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“I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Jennifer Canfora. Her compassion, understanding, and expertise helped me navigate through the most challenging times in my life. She provided a safe space for me to express myself and guided me towards healing and personal growth. I am truly grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her as a therapist.”

Emily R.

“Star Battista is an exceptional therapist who truly goes above and beyond for her clients. She has this ability to make you feel heard and understood, and her gentle and empathetic approach creates a comforting and non-judgmental environment. I am forever grateful for her support throughout my therapeutic journey.”

Mark S.

“Sheliza Thompson has been an incredible therapist for me. Her warm and welcoming personality instantly put me at ease during our sessions. She has a wealth of knowledge and always provided valuable insights and strategies to help me better understand and address my mental health concerns. I highly recommend her as a therapist to anyone seeking support.”

Sarah H.

“James Garvey is an outstanding therapist who has helped me immensely in overcoming my anxiety and depression. His calm and attentive nature made me feel comfortable opening up about my struggles, and his guidance and expertise allowed me to develop effective coping mechanisms. I am grateful to have had him as my therapist.”

Michael T.

“Angela Nordeen is an exceptional therapist who truly cares about her clients. She created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings. Angela’s compassionate and insightful approach empowered me to make positive changes in my life. I highly recommend her as a therapist.”

Sarah G.

“Elena Huttenlocher, as a licensed independent social worker, has been an invaluable support in my journey to better mental health. She provided a much-needed listening ear and offered practical strategies to help me manage my emotions. Her empathy and professionalism are truly commendable, and I am grateful for her guidance.”

John M.

“Vicki Chacon, the nurse practitioner, provided excellent care during my visits. Her patience and attentiveness made me feel comfortable discussing my concerns, and she always took the time to explain my treatment plan thoroughly. I highly appreciate her expertise and would recommend her without hesitation.”

Melissa B.

“Karen Gatwood, the nurse practitioner, is an amazing healthcare professional. She genuinely cares about her patients’ well-being and ensures that all my questions are answered. Her compassionate and knowledgeable approach made me feel heard and supported throughout my treatment. I am grateful for her contributions to my mental health journey.”

Matthew R.

“Dorie Weaver, the nurse practitioner, is an exceptional healthcare provider who has been instrumental in my mental health recovery. Her expertise and dedication helped me understand my condition better and develop a personalized treatment plan. Dorie’s kindness and patience made each session feel like a safe space for me to share my struggles.”

Sarah L.

“Ashley Harrell, the nurse practitioner, has been a tremendous help in managing my mental health. Her professionalism, empathy, and ability to listen attentively allowed for a trusting therapeutic relationship. Ashley’s expertise in medication management greatly improved my quality of life. I am grateful for her dedication to her patients.”

Robert C.

“Amanda Theel and Lauren Eustace from the friendly staff were consistently welcoming and supportive throughout my time at the mental health facility. They efficiently handled all administrative matters and always made sure that I felt comfortable and valued as a client. Their compassion and professionalism were a true testament to the high standard of care provided.”

Sarah K.